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Thread: Fox News' Answer to the Daily Show

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    So, I was on Facebook today when I saw an advertisement for this new show on Fox News. (Fox bought Facebook some time ago.) It appears to be Fox News' answer to the Daily Show called the Half Hour News Hour. I was intrigued to see what a conservative comedy news show would look like, so I searched for some clips on youtube, and here's some that I found:

    Here's a promo:

    A skit with Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter:

    A news segment from the show:

    Bill O'Reilly with some commentary:

    First impressions...It wasn't really that funny. And that laugh track has got to go. I don't know if they're intentionally overusing it or not, but it really cheapens what little humor there is. Who knows, maybe they'll actually get a live studio for future shows.

    And while the Daily Show is fairly left-leaning, it actually takes shots at both sides of the aisle. The right side just gives them more material to work with more often than not. Oh, and the Daily Show actually is funny. It has a live studio audience. It feels like it's a comedy show first, news show second. This show just feels like conservative propoganda with a laugh track thrown in.

    The show needs to stop concentrating on being a conservative Daily Show. Get a different-looking set and use different graphics. It also needs to start focusing on comedy instead of just taking every shot it can at liberals. I mean, that's what the rest of Fox News is for. This show just feels like more of the same. If they're trying to reach the young, hip, republican demographic (does such a thing exist?), then they're going to fail. Mainly because the show just isn't funny.

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    Default Re: Fox News' Answer to the Daily Show

    I was pretty sure Facebook hasn't been sold yet...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hicks View Post
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    I was pretty sure Facebook hasn't been sold yet...
    Oops, you're right. I confused Facebook with Myspace (which is owned by News Corp., the parent company of Fox). Facebook hasn't been sold yet.

    But I did see the ad on Facebook. I just got confused about who owned it for a second.

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    Default Re: Fox News' Answer to the Daily Show

    Uh, that O'Reilly clip is obviously not part of the show.
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    Default Re: Fox News' Answer to the Daily Show

    I've not seen the show but is this is Fox News? I'm not sure about that placement...

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    Default Re: Fox News' Answer to the Daily Show

    Fox News fails again.
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