I'm a long time Colts fan since they moved to Indy in my childhood, but the Bolts have always been my second favorite team since Dan Fouts and Air Coryell, and they remain so. Since the Chargers were the early odds makers favorite to win next years Super Bowl, and along with New England are our 2 biggest threats to make it back the championship, I wanted to start something about who they are considering to replace Marty.

I'm hearing some of the candidates mentioned, like Ron Rivera, Mike Singletary (whom I love), Norv Turner, Rex Ryan, and others, and it seems to me that all of these guys would seem to me to be a downgrade likely of who they already had, and basically just a group of guys already rejected by Dallas and other teams. With that in mind I have another candidate for the Chargers, and I'm seeking public opinion.

Ralph Friedgen, Head Coach of University of Maryland.

In my view Friedgen may be the best coach not currently in the NFL, and the one who as a Colts fan might scare me the most that they'd hire. He was the Chargers offensive coordinator when they went to the Super Bowl in the mid nineties. He has won at whatever stops he has been at. He took over a horrible program at Maryland and has taken them to numerous bowls, including a few on New Years Day. He was Merriman's college coach and likely has a solid relationship with him I would assume. He has history with the city and with Dean Spanos. As scary as this seems, the Charger offense would likely be better with him running it. Friedgen also wouldnt likely have issues with AJ Smith helping name and choose his assistants, and would likely come cheap for them to hire.

Now, they arnt likely to hire or even interview Friedgen, so we dont have to worry much about him most likely. The question I pose is this: As a Colts fan first (therefore wanting San Diego to screw this up) who should I be rooting for them to hire?