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    Default Changing the starting line up

    I have wondering for some time, and last night even made me wonder more. Is Rick trying to have 2 teams. Looks to me like he is. I believe their is enough talent to do that vary thing. Your would have 10 fresh legs on the floor the whole game. Not many teams in the NBA can do that. Just a thought. Wonder if anyone eles notice this.

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    I don't believe RC's reason for changing the lineup last night (reducing Granger's minutes) If that was the case why not start Marquis? Shawne got "Michael Curry" minutes last night. Why didn't he start the 3rd? After the break I'm assuming Granger goes back to starting. The bench is fine with DA, Quis, Ike and Foster, plus Shawne Williams as the 10th man.

    I still want to see how this team would play if Armstrong became the starting PG. He'd help set the tone defensively and give us some much needed energy in the 1st. Too many time we let the other team get comfortable and in a flow because we come and flat and don't defend until later in the game. Tinsley's minutes would stay the same and he'd still finish games, but DA would play the first 5-6 minutes of each half plus 3-4 minutes in the middle of quarters 2 and 4.

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