I don't quite know how to answer your post. First of all, you show my post and answer it and then you insert two more posts not made by me and not attributed to anyone and they answer them. So I'm confused.
Answering the thread down the line, using copy and paste after initially using the quote function to start my reply off of your post.

If it looks like I'm talking to someone else then I am, no mystery to it. There are just several different points being made by different people.

As for Jack, my discussion of him here is simply to say that we complained about his streaky shooting (and play), and IMO that wasn't solved by DunDun coming in. Yet somehow by a miracle his similar version of hot/cold is just fine with fans.

I call BS on it. Simple as that. Red is red all the time, not green because you like the guy more.

I gave Dun credit for his week, I have NO ARGUMENT against him as PotW as it was pretty obvious I think. All I said was streaky and then I caught a ton of grief for it. What's Dun do to support my view? Goes 5-14 the next game out. So I stand firmly by my point.