We have plenty of un-restricted free agents, but the only no-brainer that we have to re-sign is Dwight. I'm actually expecting both of these guys to be gone, but just for fun, what if it came down to one or the other?

I think this is sort of a case of which playoff resurgence do you believe in more? Last year Cato was a pro-bowler, but wasn't nearly that good in the regular season. However, the linebackers as a whole were very good in the playoffs this season. Do you think we should keep the June/Brackett/Morris group together?

Dominic was not very good during the regular season, but was a huge part of our playoff success. Are you ready to see Joe Addai be the feature and number 1 back, or should we keep that 1-2 punch? Keep in mind that all 4 of the teams that made it to the AFC and NFC championship games had 2 headed monsters at the running back position. Is this a formula we should continue to follow?