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Thread: Pacers Vs. Sonics Postgame thread

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    Default Re: Pacers Vs. Sonics Postgame thread

    Quote Originally Posted by rommie View Post
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    Maybe some have mentioned these things but just looking at the box score.

    - We attempt 20 more shots, 96-76.
    - We out rebound them 53-35.
    - We hit 13 threes compared to their 4.

    How in the world do you lose a game like that?

    We shot way to many threes I would say. However we did make almost 50% of them so how can I complain about that?

    I really am dumbfounded as to how the Sonics won. Wow.

    Defense - that is why we lost.

    Reason why we shot so many threes: JO was out and the Sonics were either playing a a zone or a really packed in soft man-to-man. They were giving us wide open threes. They didn't start guarding Murphy at the 3-point line until
    he had hit 4 straight

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    Default Re: Pacers Vs. Sonics Postgame thread

    Don, if you are shifting it from "bad play" to "good play, bad execution by guys away from the ball" then that changes things. That was actually what I was saying. I don't think Rick calls plays as "you stand and watch, don't do anything, don't come to the ball, don't space, don't cut, don't get back early or crash the boards...just stand flat footed and enjoy your front row seat for the action."

    Rick calling a Tins drive to get the defense broken down (ie, a man beat, help rotation, possibly a double team" in order to create an open look that the old NCAA pass-around-the-arc won't get you in the NBA wasn't wrong. He also made the right call to have rebounding in the game at the end and to have Granger on Ray.

    He got the Ray miss, just needed his rebound guys to pull it in. Good play, bad execution.

    He got Tins into the lane and just needed someone to come to the ball, or cut to the rim behind Tins, or pull in and then score the offensive rebound.

    Buck, Sonics were in 2-3 zone for a good portion of the game, but they F'd it up at times when they moved too far off of Granger in the shift. Bad scouting or execution there. That was one of many things they did that made me say that they aren't very good (the Sonics that is).

    Defense wasn't the only thing that cost them this game. In fact I think the #1 problem is lack of shooting ability overall. DA took 10 shots and he's shooting terribly. Bad sign. That's why the Sonics sat in zone. Other than Murph and Danny from 3, the Pacers haven't shown a lot of legit scoring threats outside the low block.

    I complained about the ability of this new group to play defense and people got on me for jumping the gun. I backed off after a couple of good outings saw the OPP FG% drop along with the points. But the PPG is shifting right back up again and both Murph and DunDun are showing their less than impressive defensive skills.

    probably because Diogu doesn't take long to figure out what he's going to do with the ball once he has it.
    Ummm...dude can't pass out of a double to save his life right now. He's not figuring anything out, that's the problem. Doing the wrong things or getting confused quickly isn't a better style than JO reading the defense on the double.

    JO is roughly a top 5-7 big in terms of assists right now. JO doesn't get caught in jump ball situations trying to figure out what to do when he gets baseline trapped by a double (Ike did vs SEA). Ike also threw a pass straight to the front row out of a double.

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