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Maybe some have mentioned these things but just looking at the box score.

- We attempt 20 more shots, 96-76.
- We out rebound them 53-35.
- We hit 13 threes compared to their 4.

How in the world do you lose a game like that?

We shot way to many threes I would say. However we did make almost 50% of them so how can I complain about that?

I really am dumbfounded as to how the Sonics won. Wow.

Defense - that is why we lost.

Reason why we shot so many threes: JO was out and the Sonics were either playing a a zone or a really packed in soft man-to-man. They were giving us wide open threes. They didn't start guarding Murphy at the 3-point line until
he had hit 4 straight