Take it all in!!!! We did it!! All the heartache and disppointments from the past doesn't matter.

The "INDIANAPOLIS" Colts won the Super Bowl. No more wating till next year, no more choke jobs. I don't care about seeing highlights from the season of us getting ran all over.. b/c we won it all!

Seeing everyone downtown Sunday is the cold just high fiving and hugging one another, grown man crying with tears of joy, the rally in the dome... it was all just amazing! You always see other teams celebrating on tv, this time it's us, and like many teams and cities before us, we have a Super Bowl Championship team!

Don't listen to all that talk about we won't repeat, we're only champs until next year. We are Champions forever, and are now apart of NFL history!

Congratulations to Indianapolis and the Super Bowl Champions..... The Indianapolis Colts!