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I don't think any fan likes the way Tinsley is playing. He's capable of so much better play from a team perspective. But Rick gives every indication that Tinsley is transforming into the type of PG he wants.
well once again, the PG that we should be playing is on his last legs and cannot go game-in and game-out the way we need or would want to play him. greene can't seem to run an offense and i think last night was mcleods first game of the season (not just as a pacer). so we've got to play the PG we have. Quis is down and who else would you like to run the offense? no one here that i've read is arguing with tinsley's talent. he is tremendously talented which is ultimately why he is so frustrating BECAUSE we know he could be light-years better than where he is at now.

We certainly can't find any/ many quotes from Rick criticizing Jamaal's play, so even if this isn't what Rick has in mind (and I believe this is exactly what he wants from Jamaal, just for Jamaal to shoot those shots at a higher percentage) he appears to be making a 0% effort to stop it.
this is a combination of what i said before about options at PG and then Rick doesn't subscribe to the Phil Jackson / Pat Riley / Don Nelson / Larry Brown theory of belittling players in the media as motivation. I think Nelson complaining about Murphy and Dunleavy really were damaging the warriors options of trading them, don't you? i mean the pacers had these guys in mind since the artest deal, so what nellie said probably had no impact but other potential suitors, i can't see how his public belittling helped. rick to my knowledge said little bad that wasn't obvious about artest or sjax or al during their time here. and he played all four (counting Tins) while they are pacers. the biggest thing rick ever did was kick sjax off the bench. in my opinion that was HUGE because rick never does that type of stuff. he hides his hand from the media, fairly matter of fact when talking about the team and games and doesn't give great sound bites (a little like dungy or bellichick) so i don't know how much you can judge by on-court minutes or media quotes.

someone referenced bill fitch saying something about praying that tinsley gets traded on a regular basis (i didn't listen to it, but i think i paraphrased that correctly) don't you get the feeling that could be how rick feels too? but fitch is in the position to say it. you would have thought that rick loved al and sjax looking that the media and the playing time. but i think this is more about tinsleys trade value after not playing for most to two seasons.