If I never see Jamaal Tinsley play again it will still be to soon. In my entire life I've never rooted for a bout of sinusitis as I did during that game.

I don't care if he scored 100 points & threw out 33 assists, that still was the most selfish basketball I've seen since way back when I used to watch World B. Free jack up jumpers for the Clippers.

He made Stephon Marburry seem like Mark Price.

Not only was his play God awfull but I got to see two instances of Artestism from him. Two times he lost the ball, for whatever reason, & he would go up & pin the guy in the corner & intentionally foul him. Both times leaving his elbows inches away from the other players nose. Sorry, but that's as close to a cheap shot as you can get without giving a cheap shot.

By midway through the first half the other players just stopped moving. Because Jamaal Iverson was either going to do some wild driving layup or he was going to throw it to Jermaine. Oh yes they would get some passes off of a broken drive but that was more because Jamaal could not get his shot up, not because they were in good spots to shoot.

I started noticing this about three games ago. You remember when the trade first occured? Dunleavy & Murphy were in constan motion moving from one side to the other? (mostly Dun) Remember how we had great ball movement leading to good shots?

That all has pretty much gone away because now the new guys have learned the one page play book that we have. Oh it may be complicated & maybe we don't hit the right spots on the floor but I assure the play book still says one thing.

Get the ball in the post & everybody else go stand on the opposite side for a clear out, assuming the p.g. does not have a shot he does not like (tonight there was no such thing).

The motion has slowed way down & we've gone back to the worlds most boring & predictable offense.

Now in fairness to the others I will say this. Dunleavy has got to start hitting some shots or at very least start going to the rim more often than he does. His open jump shots that draw nothing but air will just not do. He is not a shooter & has never been, but he has got to do better than this.

I have an honest question for anybody to answer because I do not have a clue the real answer to this.

Do we run any plays for anybody else to be the primary option other than J.O.?

I don't mean some end of the quarter or end of game where the p.g. dribbles down the clock & hopes to get something.

I mean do we have a play that calls for getting Danny Granger the ball at spot X on the floor for a shot? Or do we have a play where we run a pick so Rawle Marshal can get something?

I know for years they haven't ran a single play for Foster, other than the occasional P&R, but do they have to extend that to Murphy as well?

Seems to me like the only time the guy will touch the ball is if he gets an offensive rebound or if J.O. hits him from the post (I know he has to touch the ball other times but d@mn it doesn't seem like it).

This problem I don't blame on O'Neal or Tinsley. IMO, this is a product of Rick Carlisle's coaching style. Remember Ben Wallace's main complaint with Rick when he left was that he had zero plays ran for him, none. He was only able to get a shot up after a rebound or a broken play.

Now obviously with Ben's offensive ability's one can understand why this is, but Troy isn't Ben.

I'm still basking in the sunshine of the trade, however I see the dark clouds coming from the west & they have the same old clouds we've seen before.

I understand that O'Neal will get most of the touches, that is to be expected. I even understand that since we were lucky enough to get Iverson in that deal with Philly that he will also probably take up a few shots a game.

But we have got to spread the floor more. If we are saying that those two must score big for us to win then I have to question our overall ability. I'd much rather all five guys starting be in double figures then just two of them reaching the 20 point margin.

Ok, I've said enough negative let's just move on from here & see if we can't find something positive.




Armstrong brought energy to the floor.

There that's about as positive from this game I can take.

Ok, now it's confession time.

Am I the only person in the state of Indiana who is not a Bears fan who felt depressed when the Colts won the title?

Man it hit me hard when they won that we will never be able to see those teams from the late 90's win it all.

For years & years now this town will care nothing for the Pacers & it will all be about the Colts. Not like it wasn't that already but now it's firmly locked into place.

I've never felt more like a second class citizen than I have the last two days.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for you guys & I'm happy for the state.

But frankly this should have been our team in 99 or 00 holding up the Larry O'Brien trophy.

It should be Reggie Miller that brought home the title back to Indiana.

At the very least the guy on CBS did make referance to our ABA titles, but sadly that is little comfort for those of us to young to remember that.

Man ABAdays, Geezer, Will, Beast23, AlabamaRedneck, etc. cherish those title days guys cause I feel as though we are as far away from that as we were back in the 80's. No I'm not comparing this to the 80's team I'm just saying right now, to me, it feels decades away.

It didn't help that the people sitting behind me during the game kept making comment about how they didn't care about the Pacers, they were just glad that players they weren't ashamed of represented the city. Oh & they can't wait for baseball season to begin.

Have we sunk so low in the NBA that people acutally want baseball to begin?

D@mn, I am depressed. That game was horrid, the weather sucks & I've been working my @ss off lately at my one job while starting up an entire new company in my off time.

I still believe that this trade was good & ultimately it will help our club, but the offense I've seen the past three games has me less excited each day.

Can anybody cheer me up?