I had a really bad 2hrs of trying to sign on. For some reason my explorer wouldn't accpet the address with "www" in front, which is weird because it usually takes me to able towers when it's not there. But anyways.

Am I missing something? Did someone have a heart attack, and no one knows yet?

As I look through the list of new threads since last night, I also was checking the thread starter. Low and behold, NO SHADE!

For someone that screamed "the end is near" that seemed like it started in the preseason, he doesn't create his own thread? I would bet the farm that if the Colts lost last night, he would have had one up within the hour, along the lines of "I knew they'd just build us up even higher than the year before, before they let us all down. I'm DONE with the Colts." It would be like clockwork.

There's only one reason he's not around, I guess. Hope you make a speedy recovery, and I hope the nurses let you use a computer here soon.