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Thread: Prince - Halftime Show

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    I watched Puppy Bowl 3 on Animal Planet during halftime. It was intense!

    On a more serious note, and so I can keep my Man Card, my wife hates football, and was only watching to support the Colts. Being forced to watch Prince for half an hour might have drivenher insane

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlavaDave View Post
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    John Fogerty wrote it. CCR is close enough, eh?

    Sorry, I jumped a track on this one. I was thinking of MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, the traditional folk song with no attributed writer, which is a classic CCR song (though Lead Belly broke it into popular conscious). I loved it showing up in Twilight Zone the Movie.

    Pretty embarrassing.
    I'm really slipping in my old age, this is one I should have known (and used to). Somewhere before the Prince show I swapped them in my brain. That's what I get for not breaking out the Creedence on a regular basis. They used to be one of my top 5 bands about 8 years ago, constant rotation.

    Worse yet, a rant based off misinformation, my own pet peeve. What's next, I stop turning on red and start getting on elevators before people have had a chance to exit first?

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