For all practical purposes, this is his Rookie year. This is the first year he has been healthy and been able to play all year, and you get to a Superbowl. The kid comes from some pretty good stock and he has won on every level thus far. It doesn't mean he'll win long term in the NFL, but the kid is a winner.

I'll also never forget some pretty forgettable playoff performances by Number 18. The playoffs are a whole different level and every team usually has to walk away from a few nicks and learn a few lessons. Rex and the Bears are no different. And hey, it was a pretty close game most of the time.

The Bears lost as a team. Their heralded defense was no match for the Colts offense, and certainly not on par with the Baltimore Ravens. Outside of their Special Teams, no one team really dominated either side of the football. There was a big dropped pass or two by some receivers, and when you get behind as a QB, you have to take some risks. Risks can equal touchdowns or interceptions.

Anyway, despite what people say, I think he has the opportunity to be quite good. And to get to the Superbowl on your first real healthy year in the league is quite impressive.