The best way to describe the way I feel right now is relieved. I thought I'd be a lot more elated, but the overriding feeling I get right now is one of peace. I watched a movie once where a man was supposed to describe what an orgasm was. He described it as "Exsquisite relief from extensive torture." The female replied, "What is the torture?" He said, "Not having the orgasm."

I'm not trying to equate sex and sports here, but I thought it was a good description of how I feel. Relieved from the torture of watching teams lose over and over. Not since 1973 has the city of Indianapolis seen a world champion in professional sports. And not since the Lou Holtz coached Notre Dame team or the 87 Hoosiers have we won in a collegiate championship in what I consider the two biggest sports, basketball and football.

Hats off to the entire organization for developing a great run offense and Bob Sanders and the defense took themselves to another level in the post season. I really feared our Achilles Heal, the special teams, would end up taking us down. But, we prevailed.

Tony is a class act and I'm so happy for him and the team.

Wow. I never thought I'd see a world championship in my lifetime based on what I had seen prior. The city of Indianapolis could sure use this.

Woo Hoo!