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Thread: Congratulations Colts - Superbowl 41 champions

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    Default Re: Congratulations Colts - Superbowl 41 champions

    Quote Originally Posted by RWB View Post
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    Hey, we get to purchase one of those championship videos for the first time.
    that was the first thought that passed through my head too RWB no more do I have to sit and watch and see something "NOW (insert team who beat the colts) FANS YOU CAN RELIVE THE JOURNEY OF THE (insert team name who beat the colts again) TO THE SUPER BOWL" I just never could seem to change the channel fast enough

    Nowwwww I just can't seem to order it fast enough

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    Default Re: Congratulations Colts - Superbowl 41 champions

    I cannot stop smiling. I feel absolutely wonderful, and wow I'm happy I took a vacation day today.

    Thank you Colts. You are a fantastic team and a great bunch of guys!
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