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Thread: RIP Travis Smith

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    Default RIP Travis Smith

    I know some are around/in the Muncie area, and I don't know if you read the story but BSU lost a great friend/student/and golfer.

    I knew Travis very well. He was at my house multiple times a week, slept over on long weekend nights instead of making his way back to the dorms.

    He was killed Sat. night in a car accident. I know both the driver and the other passenger. Todd, the driver, is at my house everyday and Ethan was there every time Travis was, which was a lot.

    In retrospect, Sat. was pretty unique. I spent the whole day with Travis. He was asleep on my couch when I got home that morning. We hit golfballs together that afternoon, and I was with him when he ate his last meal. I had the opportunity to get in the car with those three, but decided to wait on my roommate, who was in the shower. We were to meet up with them at Todd's later, and began to wonder where they were when they didn't show up for almost an hour and they wouldn't answer their cell phones.

    I was in the ER with both Ethan and Travis. It's a night that I'll never forget, eventhough it's one that I don't want to remember.

    Here is the story link.

    The comments are the story get pretty harsh, and I would like to clear somethings up.

    Yes, Todd had drank that night. No, he was NOT drunk. Are you influenced at .05? Yes, I know that you are. But I feel those calling for the death penalty, or those calling for life in prison need dumped from their soapboxes. They didn't listen to Todd screaming/crying because he was the driver in an accident that killed his bestfriend.

    Unfortunately, this will be the second friend I've seen buried in less than a year because they weren't wearing a seatbelt.

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    Default Re: RIP Travis Smith

    Sorry to hear it. I didn't know either of them, but that doesn't make it less tragic.

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    Default Re: RIP Travis Smith


    You Got The Tony!!!!!!

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    Default Re: RIP Travis Smith

    Hopefully Todd will accept some counseling in the coming months because he's going to need it. And since this sounds like a close group of friends hopefully everyone will hold tight and together for awhile until the hurt lessens. It may never go away, but life/lives do have to go forward after the initial grieving.

    86, God Bless you friend and God Bless your friends in this trying time.
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