Hello everyone,

I am making this post to announce updates to our rules and policies.

We have made some considerable updates/revisions to the Rules of Pacers Digest, effective immediately. Some of them were already unofficially here (infractions for a while, and focusing on demeaning/derogatory posts recently).

It's important that everyone re-read the Rules of Pacers Digest link on the top left. Some things look the same, but are slightly different, while others are brand new and/or removed.

While there is more to it than this, the biggest thing you will see is we are taking a hard stance against demeaning/derogatory posts. We feel this was becoming a serious problem and we are coming down hard and fast when we see it. Basically remain respectful and you'll be fine.

The biggest omission you may notice is that we have removed the rule/infraction for verbal attacks on non-members (players, coaches, etc.). This was commonly known as the "you can't say player X sucks" rule. Now you can, within moderation.

This is still not a free-for-all, anything goes forum in that respect, but you will see on the Rules where we are coming from in regards to this removal.

Here is a direct link to the Rules of Pacers Digest:


Thank you for your time, and please continue to make this a great forum!