Pro Football Writers file complaint on Colts wire reports

INDIANAPOLIS (Jan. 25, 2007) -- Pro Football Writers Association president Dave Elfin filed a complaint with the NFL regarding the Colts' arrival time for the Super Bowl.

The team's plane is not expected to land in South Florida until Monday at 7:30 p.m. Players and coach Tony Dungy are expected to be available an hour later.

The Chicago Bears are following the general trend of arriving Sunday evening.

Colts spokesman Craig Kelley said the team had no comment, and NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Indianapolis was working within the league's guidelines.

"The teams are required to be in the Super Bowl city by the end of the day Monday," Aiello said. "It's the team's option whether to arrive Sunday. Obviously, the Bears opted to do something different than the Colts. But it's no issue as far as we're concerned."

: I guess the Writers wanted everyone to arrive at the same time.
I'm actually glad the Colts are arriving as late as possible. The less distractions the better..