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Reggie Miller predicts Colts will destroy Bears

By Mark Montieth
January 23, 2007

Reggie Miller participated in countless pressure-packed moments during his 18 seasons with the Indiana Pacers. But he never felt as nervous then as he did watching the Colts play New England on Sunday.

"I was up and down, pacing, screaming at the TV," Miller said Monday in a radio interview with ESPN's Dan Patrick. "I couldn't believe it. It was drama at its best."

Miller, a close friend of Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, criticized New England quarterback Tom Brady for not congratulating Manning after the game.

"I'm a little miffed that when the game is over and Peyton is looking for you, that you run into the locker room," Miller said. "I'm a little miffed at that, knowing how hard this man has struggled and you've been the guy who has always knocked him down. C'mon. Show Peyton a little love."

Miller said he believes the pressure is off Manning now that the Colts have reached the Super Bowl. Naturally, he believes they will beat the Bears, too.

"All the pressure is on Sexy Rexy," Miller said, referring to Bears quarterback Rex Grossman. "I don't think they have enough offense. All the pressure is off Peyton, because his arch-nemesis, his Lex Luthor, his Kryptonite, has been Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. They have solved that. Now in South Beach, on a neutral site, in warm weather, you are not going to stop Reggie Wayne and Marvelous (Marvin) Harrison. You're not going to stop those two.

"It won't even be close. They're going to destroy Chicago. Destroy Chicago. It won't even be close."

Don't jinx us Reggie!