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Thread: Reality check in Oakland for fans re: Pacer trade?

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    Default Reality check in Oakland for fans re: Pacer trade?

    Was reading a GS message board this AM, reading some breakdowns of the GS / LAL game by fans:

    I did have a few observations:

    1. Way too much one-on-one basketball from the Warriors. It seemed once someone got the ball, he was jacking it up or shooting a fadeaway. While Al did play well on the offensive end, it seems both he and Stephen Jackson are trying too hard to score and to prove themselves. They need to let the game come to them naturally.

    2. Because of the Jackson and Al taking so many shots, others on the team like Monta, Biedrins, Pietrus and others are not getting the looks they normally would and there is no flow to the offense at all.

    4. The early returns on Jasikevicius are not good. Contrary to what some might think, I am not so convinced this run and gun style of play fits him. He seemed to be pressing a bit out there and he turned the ball over a few times and except for one shot in the final two minutes, did nothing offensively. I am hoping he has just had two of his not so good games and that he will get better. However, I am not convinced he will thrive in Nellie's system.

    5. When big trades like this happen, it takes some time for new players to get acclimated with their new teammates. I think this is the case right now with the Warriors. The new players and older players are trying to mesh with one another and while we have seen some good things, we have seen some not so good things too. Unfortunately, the record is 0-2 with the new players. The next two games are home against New Jersey and Charlotte. These are MUST wins. If the Warriors lose both of these, bye bye playoffs.
    ...and some more on Al.

    did i read right?Though he had 30points Al had just the one rebound?
    Seriously, Al needs to prove he can do both things at the same time. With a slightly better game shooting against the Cavs (a game in which he proved he can rebound), we won that game. With a slightly better rebounding game against the Fakers (in this case he proved he can score), we won that game.

    His line against the Lakers looks more like Eddy Curry than Al Harrington.

    Not that I'm blaming him or anything. Just saying that he's gotta do a bit more of both things, as he's been proven capable to do so.

    I really like the way the team is performing after the trade (and we're 0-2 since then). Everything will be much better with a few games more.
    Hopefully, being a part of multiple teams and hearing the same criticisms will change their game, but it seems like more of the same for Al and Jax.

    I watched the GS game, and while Al was on fire, he really blocked out a lot of potential offensive production. Will be interesting to watch how Nellie responds to this.

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    Default Re: Reality check in Oakland for fans re: Pacer trade?

    I watched both Warriors games. Saras had one of his best games I've ever seen in his first game. Last night Smush's pressure bothered him so he didn't look as good.

    I think Jax has looked good in both games and Al lokoked good last night and OK in game 1.

    Sop if there are any Warriors fans reading this What you have seen so far is above their normal average on all 3 players. Oh and yes Al's 1 rebound isn't shocking.

    Josh Powell played last night and I thought played very well

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