I was stuck in the Frankfurt airport during the game with nowhere around to watch it, so I was forced to dump 20 cents per minute in to the internet machine and watch the game on the ESPN gametracker. I took breaks at certain times, but I was watching those lines moving for all of the key moments. When the thing came up and said that Marlin Jackson picked off Brady I immidiately could not stop laughing and screaming. Once I saw that it said final I immidiately burst in to tears of happiness, and could not stop laughing, crying, grinning and pumping my fists. The rest of the day went like this: our flight gets cancelled, our new flight gets delayed, the entire terminal has to leave the airport and re-enter through the security because of a suitcase they found that was not accounted for which added on about another 4 or 5 hours of delay, all of this on top of what was already 10 hours in the airport. I could not stop smiling through it all, 15 hours in an airport were some of the happiest I could ever imagine.

When the White Sox won the World Series I felt similar to this, but there is something about being in the Super Bowl that tops that completely.

I have to echo all the sentiments of ABA Days as well. Soak up these 2 weeks and enjoy it, and lets go win the damn game!!!