I remember back during the Pacers 61 win season I tried to verbalize what it would be like if Indiana won the NBA title. I was around for the ABA titles and remember what it did for the fans and civic pride. At that time, I said if the Pacers pulled it off it would be like nothing ever seen in the city.

Well . . . we didn't do it. But from what I am able to gather from WNDE and the online edition of The Star it has happened before, during and after this game. The next two weeks will be filled with Colts Insanity. More than at any other time since I've been in Iraq I feel the distance.

I'm happy for a lot of reasons. I'm happy for me, I'm happy for the fans, I'm happy for the team, I'm happy for Dungy and Peyton, I'm happy for Morris . . . but most of all I am happy for my city. The importance of what we did and NOW what we feel as fans cannot be understated.

Enjoy this guys - it's been a long time coming.

GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!