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To be fair, whether or not their feet touched is irrelevant. The ref didn't come out and say it, but he did say both were playing the ball. It was incidental contact, and that isn't considered passing interference.

As long as the DB is making a play on the ball, there can be some contact as long as it isn't blatantly obvious they were holding/pushing/tripping. That's why pass interference was called later in the endzone when there was little contact. The DB was face guarding Reggie all the way.
I agree, but I brought it up because on the telecast it was stated by the announcers that there "was no contact", which wasn't true. There was and it was a judgement call. If he doesn't get tripped (accidentally) on that play it's probably a TD, and this was just part of the examples of the myriad of "almosts" that a Colts fan sees in contrast to all the bad breaks that went against the Pats.

The face guard later was a textbook example of what the penalty was, it wasn't even close to being a non-call type of play.