(stick with me here)

A hoosier died and was sent to Hell where the Devil awaited him. The Devil considered how he would torment the man. He decided to make it nasty, hot, and humid and sentence the man to work in a field of limestone and dirt.

The man went to work digging and sweating... sweating and digging...

Finally, after a few hours of this, the Devil decided to check on the man and enjoy the man's misery. Instead, he found the hoosier whistling and happily working away in the field.

"How can you be happy!?" the Devil asked.

"Oh... this is great... It reminds me of back home in Indiana working outside in August!"

The Devil huffed and went back to his lair. He decided if that made the man happy then he would have to think differently. He couldn't have this hoosier being happy. Not in Hell. He took it as an insult. So instead of heat and humidity he lowered the temperature to 55 degrees and mixed rainy torrential downpours with annoying drizzles, never giving the man a break from the wet weather or gusty wind. The downpours turned the dirt into mud and the subsequent drizzles kept the hoosier from ever drying out as he worked.

The Devil again headed back down to check on the man. The hoosier was tromping around, covered in the mud and digging away when the Devil arrived. But the hoosier was even smiling and singing!

"How can you be happy NOW?!!?" the Devil asked.

"This is just like back home in Indiana working in my garden in the spring! It reminds me of March and April in Indiana"

The Devil stormed off. How could someone be happy in Hell!? He decided then and there what he had to do. He lowered the temperature to sub zero and then lowered it some more! Colder than any Indiana winter he could imagine. He brought snow down. Blizzards! The muddy ground froze solid under a growing blanket of snow. A cold wind blew the snow into drifts worse than any Indiana winter could bring. The Devil knew this wouldn't remind the man of Indiana and figured he had to be miserable now.

The Devil headed back to the field ready to take glee in the hoosier's plight.

Instead of misery he saw the man jumping up and down, up and down... A fist was in the air and the man was shouting "YES! YES! YES!"

"How could THIS make you happy????" the frustrated Devil asked.

The man replied:
"Hell's frozen over!!! That means the Colts are headed to the Super Bowl!!!!!"