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Thread: 01/20/2007 Game Thread 40: Pacers vs Knicks

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    Default Re: 01/20/2007 Game Thread 40: Pacers vs Knicks

    I"m still blaming the refs. Violet Palmer is a *****.
    You Got The Tony!!!!!!

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    Default Re: 01/20/2007 Game Thread 40: Pacers vs Knicks

    Danny rushed that shot.

    He probably could have moved in a bit, or at least taken another second to get off that shot.......

    I hate losing to the Knicks, but I like this new team.

    I still would not have a problem with upgrading the backcourt, preferable the PG situation, but for the first time in a while I could tell people were excited about the Pacers again.

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    Default Re: 01/20/2007 Game Thread 40: Pacers vs Knicks

    The Pacers lost the game, but I think they may have won the trade. Considering the fact this team has barley practiced together and roations ar just a guess. I am pleased with that performance. I can also like this team a lot better. the bad guys from the brawl are gone ( I still think JO was justified) as well as a few good guys sadly. The new guys look alright at first glance. I feel happier with my pacers team than I have in a while.

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