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Thread: Angry Speeder Goes Nuts

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    Default Angry Speeder Goes Nuts

    I feel a little sorry for the guy, but damn is it funny.

    As one of the comments on the page says, a lot of credit goes to the enormous patience of that officer.


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    Default Re: Angry Speeder Goes Nuts

    All throughout his career that trooper has been preached to on how to act in that situation, and Im willing to be 99% of LEO officers would have upped that charge from “speeding”.

    Seriously, that guy is lucky that trooper shows so much patience/was having a really really good day before that guy went ape **** on him

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    Default Re: Angry Speeder Goes Nuts

    "I can't read. I get mailed bills all the time and I don't even look at them."

    Dude was pretty unstable. I'd have been tempted to call for backup.

    The cop was funny, though. I'd have been wondering if I needed backup.
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