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And people wonder why several years ago Polian decided to emphasize offense because he thought Indy fans wouldn't appreciate a team built around defense ...

Not sure why, after the last 4 years, some people don't understand how the best defense will control the best offense.

Even if you didn't follow Miami for the Marino years, the way the last few Colts seasons ended should provide just a little bit of a clue.

Manning didn't play very well vs KC but he did yesterday.
I was about as biased as one could be watching that game, but I fail to see how anyone can say he played a "good" game.

He threw two picks, and as others have said it would have been 5 if not for Ray Lewis tipping those passes.

I have no problem admitting sometimes its better to be lucky then good, but I fail to see how anyone can say he played a good game yesterday.

As for the Ravens making him look bad, they do that to everyone, but at the end of the day all that matters is you won.