Let's put this issue in perspective...

Judging from JO's comments (see "Daily Dime" thread here), it's clear he's frustrated with the team's progress to date. Losing games such as the one last night (01/04/07) against the Mavs, for example, where the Pacers clearly held the advantage for 3 qrts is what has him upset. I doubt if anyone with a grain of common sense can argue that this guy is doing everything he can to help his team win. The problem is only one other player has shown a high level of consistent play - Foster.

That's not to others aren't trying hard. They just haven't been nearly as consistent as he has. I think three things need to happen:

1) Players need to fully embrace their roles like JO and Foster have clearly done.

2) EVERYONE needs to be willing to sacrifice their touches if it means a more successful team. In other words, if one player has his game going and another one does even if that other player is a starter said player needs to submit to the player who has his game going.

3) RC needs to find a winning philosophy and a winning formula even if it means bringing in a motivational speaker! They do it in the NFL. Why not in the NBA? (Anything to light a fire under this team!)