Looks like PacerNations favorite son is now a blogger in addition to playing ball and ripping mics.

A Tru renaissance man if there ever was one.


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Whatís popping, everybody? Youíre entering the official Ron Artest Journal. Keep it locked here. Look for me every time I drop a new entry. Iím going to let people know a little more about me and weíre going to keep it updated. Iím doing my thing with the basketball and Iím definitely grinding with the music. Everything is all good.

I know youíre all probably wondering what I think about how my debut album My World did. Before I dropped the album, I had the chance to sign with a label called In Your Face Records. It was a $1 million deal. They have a deal with Universal. I didnít sign it because I wanted to keep most of my profits. I want to keep my own paper in this game. But at the same time, they had a staff that was ready to work and they were ready to take on a project such as mine. Me being Ron Artest and doing all the other things I do, I wasnít able to handle a project of my caliber. My label wasnít able to handle what was needed to be done. We couldnít market the right way. Tru Warier Records is a small label. Tru Warier Records didnít really have a handle on what was needed to be done.

So I had a chance to sign with them. My distribution only shipped 13,000 copies of My World. Some stores got 100 CDís and some stores only got five CDís. If youíre trying to find the Ron Artest album, youíre not going to find it. Itís like trying to find a Tic-Tac in the ocean. Iím still happy with the album though. Iím real happy with the quality of the album.

A lot of people were hating on it. I think they donít respect me as a rapper, but itís all good. My street credibility is always going to be there. No matter what people say, what people donít know is that Ron Artest is not only a basketball but heís also a thorough-*** *****. Ron Artest really has a love for this music.

What people donít realize is that every time they hate on me, theyíre hating on my peoples and my friends are real hungry. I donít give my friends money. Iím one of the few people who grew up in the hood and is making $7 million a year, but my friends are all out of love. I donít buy my respect. My friends are loyal to me and Iím loyal to them because weíve been friends for a long time. When the magazine people hate, I remember that. I tell my *****s that too. I tell them when they see certain people in the street, tell them to stop hating or they may have to set it off on them. People have to watch out how they behave, especially publicly, because we can find out who it is.

See, the hate doesnít bother me at all. Everybody hates. The other problem is that Iím not with a major label like an Interscope. People can say what they want about Eminem and 50, but theyíre two of the best artists of their time. When you donít have that machine they have behind them, it makes things more difficult. Itís easier for them to sell records. Itís tougher on the independents. Thatís why I need to get with a major. Iíve already spent $3 million and itís like I threw that in the ocean.

Weíre going to push Foul Mondayís project correctly. People are going to see that weíre in it for the long haul and Iím about the music. Iím loyal to this music. Foul Monday is a breath of fresh air. I wanted to sign him seven years ago. What happened was I couldnít really find him. I was 20 years-old and I couldnít find him. I really wanted to sign him because my little brother said, ďThis kid is nice.Ē

I ended up signing my man Challace. People know him and Foul Monday as being in the Killa Kidz. Me and Challace developed a relationship. We were going to the studio and doing everything. Then Foul Monday came around and I didnít have enough money to support both artists. Iím not able to give artists what they need and what they want all the time. I recorded with Foul Monday for a straight year, and this was seven years ago. I was telling him I was going to sign him then. Challace and me parted ways. If he ever needs anything, I got him, but we went our separate ways.

Foul Mondayís delivery is so crazy. I think heís going to really contribute to hip-hop. Thatís why I signed him. Kay Slay heard him and agreed to host his mixtape. Iím going to really push him. Half the battle here is marketing and itís important that I do my job because I know heís going to do his job.

My backís also been acting up. I have to get it readjusted. If I would have known that four weeks ago, I would have went to a chiropractor. The chiropractor fixed my back in three minutes the other day. I wasnít able to run at full speed. Thatís the speed I need to run in games. Once I get back into shape, itís going to be on and popping.

Iím definitely happy with how the season is going so far. Weíve been through a lot of ups and downs and weíve been losing a lot, but weíre going to come together as a team. Weíre going to shock the world when we bring the title home. Theyíre going to hate me for that too. We have confidence and we believe in each other and weíre going to be winning.

I know thereís some trade rumors out there about me. Those are just rumors. Thatís not going to happen. We have a loyal organization and if you donít hear any rumors from them, itís not going to happen. People know I rep the ghetto, but Iím not a bad person. Inside, Iím really a good person. People leak it out there that Sacramento wants to trade me, but that trade is not going to happen. In order for me to be traded, my team has to want to trade me, and they donít want to. They want to keep me.

I think the Allen Iverson trade to Denver was a good trade. Allen was in Philly for ten years and he never really got a chance to make anything happen. He wanted to win a championship and he never got that. I think itís good for him and now Philly can start over. Allen Iverson is with a bunch of good players and heís in a better position to win a championship.

A lot of people have been doubting if him and Carmelo can play together. Theyíre both good people and they both want to win. When I talked to Carmelo, he said he wanted to win. Theyíre going to be tough to guard. Itís going to be like dealing with two Michael Jordan-caliber players.

And my holidays have been great so far. I had a Christmas party with my wife. I bought her a NASCAR race car. I didnít get nothing for Christmas, but I never really want anything. My kids had fun on Christmas. My family came over and we cooked some dinner. Foul Monday came over too. It was all good.

Iím making my New Yearís Resolutions. Iím going to be a better family man, take my kids to church more and overall just try to be a better person.

For everybody reading this, I want you to know that Iím a positive person. The only time I can get a little bit unpositive is when the haters out there want Ron Artest to be how they want him to be. Thatís never going to happen. Iím going to be how I want to be. To all the people who respect other peopleís personalities, one love. To everyone else, I want them to smack the **** out themselves with their own hand.

I also want to send a shout out to Ruc, Braska, Wip and Hicky from Tru Warier Productions, Gotti, Dred, S, Nature, Nas, Cormega, Lake, Littles, Mobb Deep, IM3, MC Shan, Roxanne Shonte, Screwball, Capone and Nore, Crime Fam, Rita Real, V 12, Blitz, Noyd, Thun and all the other QB rappers. And if I didnít shout you out, shout me out because you know I reps my hood.