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Thread: I start my new job on Monday.

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    Default I start my new job on Monday.

    I was officially offered the training position that I had interviewed twice for this Tuesday. I will be venturing into the corporate/medical world for the first time. I will be training employees on a new computer system that the company is implementing. It is still teaching, but to adults that have some real want to be there. I will be going to Madison, Wis. in 2 weeks to learn the system at the university hospital. I'll probably freeze my butt off, but I am looking forward to the new start.

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    Default Re: I start my new job on Monday.


    By the way Madison completely rocks.

    I could vacation for a week and hang out on State street the whole time.
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    Default Re: I start my new job on Monday.

    Teach it, Ken!

    Congratulations and good luck...

    I officially started yesterday with my first (full time) job.
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