...into the season, the time has come to make some kind of analysis of our teams. If you don't think the time has come yet, then for the love of god, stop reading!

I listed a few questions/categories:

MPP: Who has been your team's Most Productive Player thus far?
Best player: Which player on your team averages the most fantasy points per game?
Biggest surprise: Well?
Biggest letdown: Whether it has been due to injuries or poor play, which player hasn't lived up to your expectations?
Best pickup: Which player you picked up off waivers or signed as a FA has helped your team the most?

Health rating: On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you rate the overall health of your team thus far? (This may be a bit subjective, but I wanted something in asking about injuries)
Number of original players left: How many players that are on your roster now were on the roster you drafted?

2006-2007 ABA champion: Your prediction!

Feel free to add some other categories...

Btw, this may also be the time to thank Mourning for inviting me to and Jose for letting me play in this league. Because it's so much fun, I'm really enjoying this game.