According to Phil B.'s most recent Colts blog, Bob Sanders is going to be around for the playoffs.

The most worthwhile piece of information I gleaned tonight came outside the locker room. While I was walking toward the Coltsí dressing area, somebody leaning against a hallway wall gave me a polite tap on the shoulder. It was Bob Sanders. And he was smiling. The Pro Bowl safety of a year ago, reduced to just four games this season by a scope on his right knee, wanted to let me know he was ready for the playoffs. I gave him a hard time for not coming into the locker room during the week. He said he didnít know I wanted to talk to him. But no matter. He told me what Colts fans want to hear after watching him sit out seven of the last eight games and 12 of the last 14.

ďIím back,Ē he said. ďIím all go.Ē

The Colts will need him. And better be ready. Johnson wonít be easy to bring down. But with Sanders in the lineup, maybe these Colts will find a way. Like everybody else next weekend, they have a chance.
Well that certainly cannot hurt, especially against Larry Johnson. ...right?