I sort of have doubts that the Pacers make a deadline trade but you never know. I'm sure we are active.

Guys to keep an eye on:

- Corey Maggette
Good scorer. I like his game and his contract. A good fit in Indy? Possiably. I think we could have what it takes to get him.

- Jamal Maglorie
I think he is a good center but the big thing is that he is 8 million dollar contract expiers this summer. I wouldn't mind getting him and Juan Dixon.

- Primoz Brezec
I really have no idea if he is avaliable or not but he has done well with the Bobcats atleast when he played minuates. I like his game. I would like to see the Pacers get more players capable of shooting to open things up. Brezec is a center who would be perfect for this. What would the Wizards want? I'd also like to get Matt Carrol from the Bobcats too.

- Brent Barry
I really like his game. A very good shooter from anywhere on the court. Super ball handling and passing skills. A smart player. Getting pretty old though but still good. I'm sure the Spurs would gladly take Marquis Daniels but i'd want more than Barry for him. I don't really know a deal could really get done.

- Earl Boykins
I think the Nuggets are looking to trade him with Allen Iverson in town. Maybe not though with the way they have played together. If Boykins is avaliable the Pacers better be all over him. I think we need to upgrade over Sarunas and Boykins is that.

Any other guys that you could see the Pacers going after?