Christmas With The Colts

The team gathered 'round the Christmas tree at the RCA Dome as Coach Tony Dungy began handing out the gifts.

The first box went to Dominic Rhodes.

"Why are you starting with me?" he asked as graciously as possible.

"That's just what we do" Tony answered.

Tony reached back under the tree and pulled out another box. This time it was a box that said "To the offensive line". Before anyone else could move, Tarik Glenn took the box from Tony.

"It's from Peyton!" he said with glee

"Thank you, but you didn't have to get us anything" Jeff Saturday said.

Peyton smiled and told his line "I'm just trying to be a good teammate"

Tony again turned to the tree and found another box. This one was for Peyton himself. Peyton opened the box but found it was empty.

"That's from us... the defense" Cato June said sheepishly "We wanted to get you a football but just never could get you one"

Tony reached for another box. This one was for Bob Sanders. Everyone looked around and then Ron Meeks spoke up. "Bob couldn't be here today" he told the disappointed team "He might be able to come by next week... but it's questionable"

A couple of boxes remained. Tony grabbed one and saw it was for Bill Polian.

Bill opened the box and found several DVD's and a note "This is from a fan" he said as he read the note "Dear Bill, Enclosed you will find videos of recent games that I've watched featuring the Colts. I thought you might want to watch them too. After listening to you on the radio I wasn't sure you were watching the same team we all were"

Bill didn't look pleased. "What's wrong, Bill?" asked a concerned Jim Irsay.

"It's just these damn fans don't know anything about gift buying! They need to leave it to the professional gift people" he grumbled.

It was time for Tony to grab another box and this one was for himself. He seemed genuinely surprised.

"What have we here?" he said as he hurriedly unwrapped the package and then reached in to pull out a pair of Super Bowl tickets.

"Gee, thanks guys!" he exclaimed with glee "I've never been to the Super Bowl!"

"We know!" the team chorused.