I've been getting phone messages from this "group" about a "debt" I supposedly owe. It seemed like a phone solicitation so my family had ignored it, but my dad (who has the same first name as me) finally picked up during a call and got a human being claiming I (specifying with my middle initial) owe some debt they're trying to collect.

First of all, I've never heard of them. Second of all, I don't even own a credit card, so there's nothing I owe. Third, they haven't said much of anything about who they are, which reads vague in print, but the bottom line is we're all looking at each other here wondering if this isn't just some scam.

So I thought before I call them back in the morning (tried tonight w/ a reference number dad got; they listed office hours), I'd post this to see if anyone has heard of the "CAI" before. Thanks.