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Thread: Could use some Arthroscopy advice.

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    Unhappy Could use some Arthroscopy advice.

    So, the a few weeks ago I'm for some inane reason pushing myself way harder than I should have running and the day after my left knee hurt like hell whenever I bent it.

    I went to a doctor (who's worked on Peyton of all people hehe) and we did an MRI.

    Turns out nothings broken but I have in all likelyhood some scar tissue that's came loose when I ran and is now messing with my knee. It's got quite a bit better and I ran for a few minutes on it last night and it worked just fine. But today I've had some major pains in it again as it comes and goes.

    The good Doctor said that if it continued to bother me he could do a quick Arthroscopy and clean it out. He made it sound like it was a procudre that could be done in about 10 minutes with about a weeks recovery time. That'd be great and all but I've heard some stories about how it wouldn't really improve my situation.

    I know we have some medical people here so I'm wondering if it's essentially "worth it" or if the risk is worth it if it's just a matter of cleaning out some loose scar tissue?

    Just any input on this would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Could use some Arthroscopy advice.

    Obviously I myself am no expert.But I can tell you that I did the same thing to my knee,except I reaggravated mine from working.

    At the time I didnt have insurance,so the doctor drained my knee for me but told me I needed to get some xrays as soon as I got insurance because I would probably need arthroscopy.All I know is that I felt ALOT less pain in my knee for the first few months,but it also felt VERY weak.I dont have very much confidence in my knee anymore.

    Ive heard people say "no matter what they say,any kind of knee surgery isnt minor,and not to be taken lightly."

    But thats just my experience.I have insurance now,Ill just have to wait 50 days now for it to kick in,but as soon as it does I will probably go back to the doctor and see what he has to say.
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