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It reads in tone like you disagree with me but yet you seem to be making my argument.

...Altho I think it's folly to plan on shoring up the defense after Peyton and Marvin retire. You're wasting them in that case... and severely testing the core of the fanbase with that type of strategy.

But to the point of the here and now-

First, Peyton Manning is going to make a lot of receivers look good if they do their homework. So let's start putting some money into the other side of the ball. Please.

Secondly... I don't think it's just money that is the problem. Are you saying that only undersized, lame defenders are available for the prices we are paying? Can't we at least get lame defenders who are more near the average size for their positions?

Maybe we first need to start looking at players who are physically big enough to play their positions in the modern NFL and rethink this 'small and fast' idea. Especially up front. And as small as our guys are according to the numbers, my guess is that the numbers are inflated. Cato June was reported to have said he's actually 209lbs!

That doesn't mean we scrap everyone in this defense but it means that we find ways to better utilize them.... and that falls right back to management and coaches.

What fanbase? Prior to the "Cirque du Manning" coming to town, there wasn't a fanbase to be had, or at least, not one big enough to support the franchise for an extended period of time. Now everybody and their idiot cousin is wearing blue and white like it's the state uniform.

Yes, I'm saying you can't get prototypical size players with average talent for what the Colts are able to pay in the free agent market. You'll notice that in the 2006 draft, the colts took Addai, which filled a huge hole, and the next two picks were on the defensive side of the ball. The next two were offensive lineman, which is a good investment for any team, and then 2 more defensive players. Don't think for a second the Colts haven't been looking at the defensive side of the ball. In fact, that's how they've managed to have a defense at all. A rookie in the 2nd or 3rd round costs less than a proven veteran, it's a fact. By having so much money tied up in the offense, they are forced to cut costs in other areas. I've been talking to Colts fans about this ever since Peyton Manning signed that ginormous contract of his, and everyone just expected the Colts to outscore everyone until they realized that's a bad gameplan, then there was grousing about the defense overall, so the Colts made it better, and now the fans complain that it's the *run* defense that's the problem. Face it, you guys will never be happy.

The problem is that the Colts don't have enough huge linemen who can stuff the run. The rub is that huge defensive lineman who can stuff the run are unavailable in the 2nd and 3rd round, and are too expensive to pick up in the free agent market. You can bet that if there's someone reasonable available, the Colts will be picking up a fat defensive lineman who has a reputation as a run-stuffer next year.

Dungy's small defense approach is proven. But it requires gang-tackling, which means everyone has to be fast and a good tackler. It also helps if you've got one hell of a run-stuffer like Warren Sapp on your team that forces guys outside where the gang-tackling can catch up to them. The Colts don't currently have that in spades, and the results are obvious. Also, this is the second year in a row they've tried to shore up that problem, so it's certainly not for lack of trying.

Whatever, I'm done defending the Colts from a fanbase that's going to desert them the first time they post a season below .500.