After Kravitz' article this week praising the Pacers, several have criticized him as a bandwagon guy or someone who doesn't get it right with his criticism.

I strongly disagree. In fact, I think Kravitz deserves at least SOME credit for the Pacer's turnaround.

Before Kravitz, the Pacers got almost no honest criticism in the Star. Now, they do. Sure, sometimes Kravitz' negative insights will be wrong. But, the larger point, is that SOMETIMES HE ACTUALLY WILL MAKE SOME CRITICAL COMMENTS.

IMO, without Kravitz, the removal of Isiah, the shakup with Bird as BBall Ops guy, and other key changes would have taken much, much longer.

Yes, I can see some of Kravitz' mistakes or failed judgements. But grading on the curve, I think he gets quite a bit right. Sometimes, he nails it exactly on the head.

And here's the most important point: When he finally writes a praising column, it means something. Positive stuff was all the other suckup writers ever wrote.