I don't know if there's a thread about this, I could care nonetheless but let homie vent a little... RC sucks! Yea, it's a long road trip and all of that, and people describe his demeanor level headed, whatever. With the team playing with little or no interest but the game still within reach, RC just sat there. I don't know if he was even paying attention to the game, he just can't react. The guy is obviously an Xs and Os coach, but he definitely isn't a sidelines guy. He's an assistant coach not a head coach. Derek Armstrocg was still playing his heart out when he got that Tech trying to D up Farmar and what did RC do after the incident? Just stood there and asked DA what happened. Yea with that dumbfounded Jim Carrey look; like his team isn't just getting butchered by a KB8-less second unit Lakers team. I know there's a lot of RC lovers out there, but I never bought into the guy. And this style of play isn't winning any more games than fans. A big reason for our team's demeanor is reflected by the coach. RC just seems too comfortably clueless out there with his cue cards. Man, this sucks.