1.) We have the best game planner ever at quarterback.

2.) Joseph Addai is making huge strides and should be a force to be reckoned with come playoff time.

3.) Our defense is able to cause turnovers. True, it has looked bad at times, but it has also looked good. Our defense won the game for us against New England, and gave us a chance to win against Dallas. They are inconsistent, but I have utmost confidence in them come playoff time.

4.) We have the best wide reciever tandem in the NFL.

5.) Our offensive line has looked much better then last year's playoff version did.

6.) One of the main reasons we've lost in previous reasons is because teams were able to get pressure on Peyton. Not only does the O-line look better, but Peyton has been more mobile this season, and able to get away from pressure and still make plays.

7.) Adam V. is still Adam V. He's not going to miss a game winner in his range if it comes down to that.

8.) Our special teams is miles better then it has been in the past. I like Terrance Wilkins.

9.) We lost last year because of a bad break and a poor first half. We aren't going to fall behind like that again and have to comeback. Even if we are in the same situation, V will drill the field goal this time. If we didn't lose to Pittsburgh last year we would have won the Super Bowl.

10.) San Diego is the team that will give us the most problems, and we will not have to play them. San Diego is going to get the other bye, and other teams will be able to beat them. The only way we don't win the Super Bowl is if we have to play San Diego, I will be very worried if we have to play them.