10) Vinatieri not kicking like the NE version.

9) As usual, Colts peaked too early.

8) Injuries/Missing Players

7) Colts may not have home field throughout and even if they hang on, we know it is meaningless with this bunch.

6) Dungy can't win the big one.

7) Dungy too often outcoached. (When the Titans threatened punting at the end, no way should we have burned a time out.)

5) Peyton can't win the big one.

4) The Colts are still a soft team.

3) **** poor D.

2) **** poor D.

1) **** poor D.

Not only can't we stop the run, what happened to the vaunted attack D and pass rush when we're ahead or in long yardage situations?

This D is absolutely impotent. It has regressed severely perhaps to the level of Dungy's first year. Mathis is a linebacker, Brock is not an interior lineman, June and Gardner are DBs, and Jason David flat out stinks.

Our only chance for post season succes would mean putting up 35 a game, but our O will be sitting on the sideline while the LT type backs are gashing us all game long.