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Thread: Funny story Nba 2002 for xbox...

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    Default Funny story Nba 2002 for xbox...

    This is a pretty funny story,a friend of mine sold me an xbox with 3 controllers and 1 game,(Nba 2002).

    Anyways I had never played this game,and neither had my friend.Well anyways we decide to play a game,we had 2 other people watching us play.
    He was the orlando magic,and I was the pacers (of course). It was a blowout in the first half..I was up 30 points..Reggie was ON FIRE!!..At one point he made 6 3's in a row.Well by the 4th reggie was 0 for 9,couldnt buy a basket and anytime I got near one of his players it would end up being a foul on my part.

    With 20secs left in the 4th he was up by 1,so I foul him he goes to the line and I dont know how he missed his first because it was right on line,but he did.And he sank his 2nd,And he starts getting all cocky.So he has one of the other guys who was there with us talking all this smack to me.Saying stuff like "Oh look at that,you couldnt keep a 30 point lead..hahahaha".And I had one guy on my side saying "Come on man,you know you can still win this".

    So I pass the ball around,I had it in Jalens hands,then I thought "WTF am I thinking??..even though reggie is ice cold there is only 1 person who should take this shot".So I get the ball to Reggie.He has T-mac all over me,5 secs to go,I do this crazy twirl,and jump back and throw up a fadaway,and "BOOM BABY" drop a 3 as time expires!!!!.

    Oh my lord,everyone jumped up (except for the guy playing against me) Everyone was screaming...I was dancing around going off I kept yelling "BOOM BABY" I was sliding on the floor...It was awesome.

    I think it pissed the dude who was playing against me off...he just stared at the fire in the fireplace for like 40mins...didnt talk to anyone.

    But I just had to share that with everyone,Just proves that its never over till its over.

    He got all arrogant about "winning" then reggie came back and ripped out his heart.

    Maybe ill start calling my friend "spike".
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    Agreed. As the members of Guns and Roses once said, "every rose has its thorn".

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    Default Re: Funny story Nba 2002 for xbox...

    haha...reminds me of a game I played on Xbox live with NBA2k3...Reggie hit the buzzer beater 3 pointer to seal the game for me...felt great to shut the guy who was dissing the pacers the whole game.

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