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Thread: A question for those in the computer fields

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    Default A question for those in the computer fields

    I am considering going back to school and getting a degree in the computer field. My question is, which of the following would be the best choice? I am ignorant on all and feel I can learn any of them, so I want to know which one has the best long range job security/relevence. I will be happy with any advice and would even encourage any debate over the relevence of each area.

    Thanks in advance.

    Associate In Applied Science Computer Database Specialist

    Associate In Applied Science Computer Networking Administration
    (Network Administrator Track)

    Associate In Applied Science Computer Networking Administration
    (Cisco Track)

    Associate In Applied Science Computer Programming

    I can add more details such as course offerings, but I figured you would have an idea about what the speciallty covers if you comment. Thanks again.

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    Default Re: A question for those in the computer fields

    OK, let me start by saying that I look with raised eyebrows to the term "science" and certainly "university" (college, whatever) in ANY of the fields.

    1: System administrator track, sorry, now way it can be learned from books, to be "good" you need to have knowledge of at least 5 linux flavours, some unix, at least two M$ server systems, history of the systems, technical knowledge (how to build a server, replace parts, troubleshoot) scripting knowledge (some perl f.i.) and coding "knowledge" ie be able to "read" code, not necc write, but being able to do so is "handy"
    Also you need to be able to explain A; what BOFH stands for and be able to B: be one.

    Now either other field is specialized, but not something you can possibly do in college, not sure though, I live in the UK things are slightly different here.

    SO 1 by 1 :

    Database specialist, in that case, interesting btw, because databases are coded as well, so in a way you learn to program anyway , I would go strictly for Oracle and do some postgres and other sql's on the side.
    Doing the full flex of Oracle courses, in the lot above, allows you for the most plush future, lots of interesting seminars to go to and some serious dosh every month, all over the world simply one of the best paid jobs, the sysadmin one is the least paid, but if power is your thing, then that is the ideal job as you can bully and blackmail just about everybody that uses your servers. If i was young, Oracle would definitely hold my path.

    The networking stuff, however interesting at times, is simply already part of the sysadmin job but Cisco certified gets paid nicely, ever moving techniques, but little demand, and slowing demands, as more and more re-scaling will be done and so on.
    Also large parts of the Cisco courses are ancient technology *you are for instant required to be able to solder up a cable between routers etc* but thorough.
    Finally if something happens to Cisco, which remains possible, then your hard work is down the drain.

    Programming is a hole different Kettle of fish, it is rather "dull" work, where once you are working for a major player you will work in a team with a very small part of the overall code, hence the "creation" part is somewhat romaticized in most cases, it is hard work, you need good analytical thought processes and work within very strict parameters, I tried it and it was not for me I liked learning the coding, but hated everything after that
    Also, not sure where the future of it lies, but of the 4 the least likely to have a long well paid future (think outsourcing here, I know damn good coders in the states that been out of a job for years because of the prices of Indian and Russian coding sweat shops)

    hope it helps a bit, but my advice: do a few Oracle courses, get a job in that field (not that hard with certs) and you will never look back, make sure the company you go to work for is generous with extension cert courses and you're the man for many years to come, and can easily afford a porsche
    So Long And Thanks For All The Fish.

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