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Thread: Directv-NFL Network-HD- and Thursday Night Football

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    Default Directv-NFL Network-HD- and Thursday Night Football

    A small 'heads up'...

    It would appear that Directv is going to put the HD broadcast of tonight's (Thanksgiving) game on ch 95.

    If you have Directv Hidef then you don't want to watch on the normal NFL Channel designation (it's in the 200's but I don't remember the exact channel), you'll want to watch on Directv channel 95.

    Broncos vs Chiefs.

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    Default Re: Directv-NFL Network-HD- and Thursday Night Football

    Thanks for the notice.

    I found out today that I do actually have NFL Network surprisingly enough. If you have Dishnetwork, Check channel 154. It came with a basic package my family recently ordered.

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