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    Default The challenge

    Late in the Colts/Cowboys game, the Colts had the ball in the red zone, looking to tie the game. Marvin Harrison had just caught a long pass to get Indy down there. As the play-clock ticked down to one second, the ball was snapped and the whistles blew as Manning completed a TD pass to Utech. Or, did the whistle blow and then the ball was snapped. The whistles blew because Bill Parcells threw out the red challenge flag. As long as it's thrown before the ball is snapped on the next play, it's legit.

    I've been talking with a few folks who think the flag was thrown too late, and the Colts should have had a TD. I'm 100% sure that the whistle blew before the ball was snapped, but it was extremely close. This kind of call would have obviously changed the game, though still not guaranteeing a Colts' victory.

    Does anyone have the video? If not, we're you watching the game? Was it before or after the snap?
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    I watched the game and it looked like a legit challenge to me. The snap was close to being off, but it seemed like the flag was thrown. Of course I haven't seen a replay.

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