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Thread: Keeper league:Jorge Garbajosa, position change from F-F/C

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    Default Keeper league:Jorge Garbajosa, position change from F-F/C

    Although Curt probably won't have access to the league till late next Saturday, I wanted to put this up for a vote now, because I leave for vacation Thursday morning and won't be back till Tuesday morning. On the off chance Curt does check in while he's gone, maybe he can make the change.

    If not, I'll send him an email to find this thread upon his return, so he can make the change, if needed, then.

    Here's the validation:

    Jorge has started the past two games at center.

    Jorge Garbajosa-F- Raptors Nov. 19 - 12:18 am et

    Jorge Garbajosa got another start at center and had 17 points, 10 rebounds and six assists Saturday night against the Nuggets.
    Garbojosa has come out of nowhere with three straight games with double-digit points. If he's available within your league, he's a great pick-up, especially if you have him eligible at center. The Raps play four games next week, so he's worth a roll of the dice.
    Jorge Garbajosa-F- Raptors Nov. 18 - 2:11 am et

    Jorge Garbajosa, a standout on the gold-medal-winning Spanish national team, started at center for the Raptors on Friday and had 10 points, eight rebounds, four steals and two assists in 40 minutes.
    He also missed a trio of three-point attempts, making him 3-20 on the season from behind the arc, but will have additional value if he can hit them with any regularity. Garbajosa's promotion came at the expense of Rasho Nesterovic, whose playing time has been dwindling and whose fantasy value is nonexistent. It may take a little time for Garbajosa to earn center eligibility in certain leagues, but he'll be worth a roster spot when he does, if not sooner.
    Jorge Garbajosa-F- Raptors Nov. 7 - 11:07 am et

    Although he's struggled with his shot so far, Jorge Garbajosa is getting coach Mitchell's attention with his steady defensive play.
    "He's where he's supposed to be. He contests shots, he's in the help position; if he's the guy who's supposed to rotate, he rotates; if he's the guy who's supposed to trap, he traps," Mitchell said. He may technically be a rookie, but Garbajosa is not a newcomer to professional basketball. He played better on Sunday and if his shot starts sinking, he may have value as he'll get PT behind Rasho Nesterovic as the Raptors don't have a true back-up center.

    ESPN Depth Chart before Garba's promotion. You can see he was already backing up Rasho before the change.

    Center Rasho Nesterovic Jorge Garbajosa Pape Sow

    CBS Sportsline, Fox Sports, and Yahoo Sports, already had him listed as Nesterovic's backup.

    So, that's the deal. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Keeper league:Jorge Garbajosa, position change from F-F/C

    Yep - he certainly is. Almost had a triple double last night, too!

    I think once teams start getting scouting reports on this guy, his production is going to go way down though. As of right now, teams are just leaving him wide open for shots like they don't even know he can shoot.

    Anyway, he's playing centre.

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