How provocative a title for a thread! No, I'm not quitting, I'm glad you asked...and by the way, you sure look handsome...I digress, back to the topic at hand...LG33 has decided to stop visiting Pacers Digest for one whole month, beginning the 20th of November and lasting until finals end in December, let's say, for argument's sake, the 20th...not that this will concern any of you or change your normal posting habits, but I'm thoroughly disgusted with our team after a hard(ly) fought "game" against the Celtics and have decided not to return until either a trade is made (or some other major logistics move) and/or 30 days pass...consider me an internet Morgan Spurlock if you will, or perhaps simply a Muslim celebrating Ramadan in a totally incorrect fashion...well, leave your thoughts here, bad mouth me when I'm away, and of course, post any recent pictures you find of Ha Seung-Jin, my favorite South Korean basketball player in the NBA (I'm not afraid to admit it)...well, goodnight and goodluck (salam aleichem)!