I'm thinking of starting my own internet business. Nothing to big just something to give me some extra money. I need to find a reliable dropshipping company.

I have seen SMC's advertisments on TV for years. But they seem more like a scam. I'm sure that it could work, and some people probably do make ALOT of money from it, but I just always felt that they seem kind of "fake" and wouldn't be half as good as advertised. Am I wrong on this?

I'm thinking of http://www.simplx.com/ but I have just now been looking at it. Anyone have information on them?

Anyone know of any good dropshipping companies? I would appreciate any advice/info. I'm not expecting to make millions or 50 thousand a year or anything like that. I just want to try and make a little more money here and there. Part time jobs kind of limit to what I can make.