I know they had a discussion about this on the keeper league, but I thought I'd bring it up again for the ABA.

I don't like the daily scoring. We essentially don't have a bench, because most days you just play every guy thats playing. I don't like the fact that the 12th men on our teams are having an impact on the game, I want to be able to keep a project on the bench without him negatively impacting me.

What's more, there's more strategy when you set the line-ups once a week. The current line-up is tedious, every day I just go to the site and have to put in everyone that's playing. Every once in a while you have to make a decision, but its not nearly the strategy that goes into checking how many games a player has this week and whether they're playing New York or San Antonion, and thus projecting how well they may do that week.

Is it too late to change this? I know, I know, should have brought this up earlier, but my only fantasy experience is with sports.ws, which didn't have these daily line-up changes.