OK - now that we're into the season I wanted to raise this issue and see what everyone thinks about it.

When I set up the league, the site offered two scoring methods - one where you set lineups daily, and one where you set them weekly. I chose daily because I thought it would be a way for owners to be more involved on a day-to-day basis and it would reward people who are very involved and check the site frequently. Plus I thought it would be more fun.

I still think all these things - I also think it's not a real good setup for a Keeper League because it penalizes owners who are keeping someone in hopes that he'll be a high-quality player - maybe a superstar - in a couple of years but isn't playing right now.

This doesn't bother me - my team has a bunch of guys playing big minutes who should be keepers for some time to come. But others may have drafted a Tyrus Thomas or be hanging onto a Robert Swift - a guy who may pay off down the road but probably won't help you much this year.

With the daily lineup settings, every player's scores will count on a fairly frequent basis and if you're holding 2-3 players in hopes of a big future payoff, you have an even bigger knock against you than you did before.

So now that we've all had a few days to work with the scoring system I wanted to throw this poll up there. I won't be voting in it (actually I'll use the "don't care" option) but I will take the results as of Monday morning and adjust the league settings appropriately (assuming it lets me - and that option's still there on the commish page so I think it will). This shouldn't have any implications for the ABA - that's a one-season only league so IMO that isn't an issue.

Please use this thread to discuss it.